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May 26, 2021


Susan Lenox Addresses The Underground Compound Dimethyl Sulfoxide


This week’s installment of the Sound Body radio and television show, hosted by alternative health care expert Susan Lenox, will deal with the contemporary history of DMSO, and how the government has sought to restrict it’s use.

Like so many other cases which we seem to see more and more – especially in the era of the Covid 19 outbreak – DMSO has inspired thousands of adamant fans who have learned the FDA and various governmental agencies are frequently known to act in their own political interests, instead of low cost remedies that have been proven to be helpful to a variety of ailments.


Such is the case with DMSO. A solvent that is a by-product of the paper manufacturing process, DMSO requires a prescription. DMSO helps other compounds or drugs get through the ski, and can increase the effectiveness of the secondary item. Thus, something a person might safely utilize can become so much stronger when combined with DMSO, caution is certainly urged. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and it’s use is actually quite common among animals and pets – thus making it relatively easy to obtain.


 MSM, or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, is related to DMSO, and the external application of MSM for pain relief is legendary.


This program was recorded in 2012, long before the present plague of COVID 19, but the fact is, Susan and Sound Body (part of the Christian Media ministry) have been sounding the alarm about what is now here, for many years. This program is particularly interesting because, as usual, she veers off of the central subject to discuss adjacent threats to our health, and it is entertaining.


For example, when Susan discusses the politics of DMSO, and how the authorities seek to control everything, it’s difficult not to make the comparison to the current situation with Hydroxychloroquine, which is presently being politicized because billions of dollars are at stake with a supposed vaccine for Covid, when many people known the HDC can rid the body of the virus.


For those who want nothing to do with the medical monstrosity, although Hydroxychloroquine requires a prescription by doctors – who have been known to make completely boneheaded mistakes that can cost you your life -- Quinine tablets can be purchased without a prescription as its natural form comes from the organic cinchone bark.


As the chief researcher of DVD’s such as American Genocide: Population Control Via Vaccinations, and Venomous Intent: The Plot To Control World Health Care, Susan is particularly well qualified to speak on the history of political and commercial manipulation by regulatory agencies, which function as the enforcers of greedy commercial interests.

Catch the radio version of the show this week on any of the three Christian Media radio networks (CMN, GEO, and V), or access the one hour video free of charge for the next week at the Sound Body channel/website. Because political oppression is widespread in the sophisticated toolkit of American censorship, the well informed are aware that the Internet is using high tech techniques to censor material that is unflattering to the globalists seeking darker control of the world’s populace. Sound Body is focused on helping the Christian Medians – those who know the truth about the Spiritual configuration in the world today, so we don’t list websites or Internet Email addresses in our Eblast materials.

The ministry sustains an average of 10 websites which periodically change (as one is shut down, we replace it with another), putting out video, audio, and print materials – but we only identify the Internet locations via print to our constituency, and these print materials are sent via the US Postal service. Thus, to receive more substantive information on any of the underground Christian Media outreaches (including Sound Body), we need your name and postal mailing address. To receive this information, text your name and Postal Mailing Address to 541/930/4440, call it in to the voice mail answering system at 541/899/8888, or mail the information to the postal address below.

Because of the Corona Virus Pandemic that is presently spreading world-wide, we are now re-running multiple earlier radio and TV shows that deal with many health issues. We make no assertions whatsoever that Susan’s recommendations Silver will impact the viruses that are currently prevalent. We certainly do not trust vaccines, and it is obvious a vaccine will ultimately be developed for Corona (now called Covid 19 by the World Health Organization). Indeed, because the evidence suggests the Corona pandemic is related to a biological warfare weapon that has been malevolently released, it seems unlikely that any of the various compounds discussed, including Colloidal Silver, or any of the other alternative approaches will help, so we’re focusing on prevention as well as general information concerning the emerging virus threat with information that has been available for years.

As previously stated, as our interest is in serving the Remnant body of Christ that Sound Body is associated with, we would emphatically urge intense prayer to the LORD of glory on behalf of all the Christian Medians.


Susan Lenox knows what she’s talking about, as she has repeatedly examined the multi-national conspiracy to dominate the global medical and food production systems, and has been writing and broadcasting on the subject for the last 20 years.

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Venomous Intent

An enlightening production from the Sound Body ministry, the Lenox sisters have thoroughly researched the globalist effort to surreptitiously seize control of all aspects of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition.

Susan and Kristin go back a century to the early stages of the non-profit foundations, and so-called "standardization" efforts which were clearly designed to stifle true innovation. Included are case histories of medical prodigies who were intentionally destroyed by the political/monetary machinery of medical commerce.

Venomous Intent further documents the connection between globalism and the corporate powers that are bent on control of every person's body, in a nefarious effort to politically dominate the world. An outstanding study, Venomous Intent should be viewed by all who foolishly continue to trust the mainstream medical establishment with their very lives.

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Crash Course

The Sound Body CRASH COURSE IN 21st CENTURY SURVIVAL is a 2-hour television special covering four primary areas that pose threats to our health.

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